Nice Grooves Podcast – Episode 1

And here it is! Episode 1! We are admittedly a bit rough around the edges on this one, technically and otherwise, however, we hope you’ll enjoy this inaugural episode of our show!  (Note: The iTunes feed will be available as soon as Apple validates us, which hopefully will occur soon.)

Please shoot us a message and tell us what you think!

Jeff Duke – Webmaster/Host
Steve Turnidge, Barry Stock, Fro Diddly, Sandra Prow, Terrance Kalka, Matt Stevens – Co-Hosts

Theme Song:
Created by Tuner – assembled by Lee Fletcher

Primary Logo & Art Design by:
Tye Durbin @ Durbin Digital

Links: is awesome!
Truckers in Belgium asked to pay for license to listen to music in their trucks.


help for parents . domain mentions . website analysis . .

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  • Anonymous says:

    Well, itunes have you listed now. I’ll listen to you all on the drive to work tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

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